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3 Success Secrets of Super Achievers

What are success secrets? These are the qualities that allow Achievers to rocket to the top of their chosen fields. Importantly, since you know these qualities (or soon will!), you can apply them in your own life and achieve your own Super Success! Here are three more success secrets of Super Achievers.

Success Secret Number 1 Super-Achievers Persevere.

All Super-Achievers persevere in the face of obstacles. Persevering means never quitting, never giving up and never backing down! Achievement equals perseverance. In fact, life requires all who achieve massive success to pass a test of courage and the ability to overcome. You will be faced with tremendous challenges if you wish to be a tremendous success. It is the price you must pay - in advance - in order to reach the greatness you desire.

Silver Spence and Art Fry are two men who would have no place in history except for their failure to create a really strong glue. As they thought through ways to use their failure of a product, they were told by technical experts that the equipment to use the worthless glue could not be built. The marketing experts told them that there was no market for the product. The product even failed when it was first introduced to the public. Did Spence and Fry quit? No! They kept pushing and believing. What happened as a result of their failure to quit on their failure of a product? Their product - the Post-It notepad - has gone on to become one of the biggest selling products in history.

Many years ago I gave a series of talks all centered around my belief that, "It is the struggle that makes you great." The lessons I've learned with the passing of time and my study of history's great achievers makes my statement undeniably true. Use this truism in your own life. When you are going through hard times... Take heart! The challenges you're facing are like heat & pressure to carbon. They will make you into a diamond.

Success Secret Number 2 Super-Achievers Always Seek Self-Improvement.

All Super-Achievers, from Olympic athletes to business titans constantly seek to improve themselves. Every small increment of self-improvement yields tremendous results.

Success Secret Number 3 Super-Achievers Maintain Constant Enthusiasm and Optimism About Their Goals and Their Lives.

With enthusiasm, all Goals are possible! Enthusiasm begins with a clearly defined goal. Enthusiasm is the outward manifestation of an inner feeling of faith, energy, belief, focus and excitement resulting from the desire for a specific objective.

Let me leave you with this...
Focus on achieving.
Be preoccupied with Success.
Think of wealth, not poverty.
Think of education, not ignorance.
Think about what you can control, not what you can't control.

The mind-set of the Super Achiever is different from the mind-set of the low achiever. Some of life's greatest achievers begin on the welfare rolls or as slaves. Believe in your right to succeed. Begin where you are right Now!

Rise Up! Seize your future!

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