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3 Mental Preparations for Opening Your Own Business

The phrase, “It’s a cold, cold world out there,” is an American classic.  The main driver for the phrase’s popularity is that, it actually is a cold, cold world out there.   It’s not a firm rule, though typically business lends itself to the thought that there is an inverse relationship between risk and reward.

Well, the more rewards that you actively pursue, the colder the temperature is going to get.  These are not tangible concepts; rather they should lay an understanding that the aforementioned theories are usually spot-on, and this is what you will be dealing with.  In a nutshell, mentally prepare yourself for the uphill physical and mental battle that will constantly be waged against you via both external and internal forces.

Ask any basic office manager – it’s pretty warm making a $1,200 weekly paycheck.  Also, there is nothing wrong with any bit of labor, regardless of how much it pays.  If it’s honest, in my eyes, it’s respectable.

As the business makes its first headway and you are away from the mother paycheck for about a month, the warmth slowly fades as you get deeper into opening your own entity.  There’s no turning back, however.  Take the jacket off, feel the chill, and simply stop reflecting on that guaranteed paycheck.  That was a different life.  Instead, envision the possibility of a $20,000 weekly profit intake that could not be achieved via a puffy jacket, a scarf and gloves.  Then, begin working your way to that paycheck.

With the opening remarks made, listed below, you will find some common psychological and life changes that encompass opening one’s own business.  These are to inform, not to scare, though to simultaneously be realistic.

You Will Second Guess Yourself – It’s Part of Human Nature

If you are mentally prepared, or at least anticipate and recognize the pending self-doubt that rears its ugly head from time to time, then you are very much ahead of the entrepreneurial pack.  However, before you open your business, take some time to fully embrace and eagerly anticipate the fact that there will be upsides a.k.a. times that you feel like you could conquer the world.

Conversely, there will be downsides when you feel that you couldn’t sell a free sports car to somebody out of gas.  More or less, this psychological factor is “what it is.”  Go with full confidence, and also go in with full confidence that self-doubt arises, you’re going to be able to swiftly recognize and squash the hindered thoughts.  Work hard enough and become good at what you do and the following becomes the God’s Honest Truth: it’s always darkest before….

The Computer Is Going To Be Your New Best Friend

Before you quit your day job, make sure that you have saved enough money for a very nice, functional computer.  Personally, I swear by MACs and they’re easy to use, but prior to purchasing the new machinery, understand that you are buying your new best friend.   The mentality that goes with a brand new computer upon firing up a brand new company is much more positive than starting with old equipment.  No mental excitement.

Think of it as the equivalent of your pet, only a little more advanced.  You must have the mentality that this new piece of machinery is all that matters for 12 hours each day.  If you’re not prepared to sit at a computer that long, find one of the few businesses to start that don’t require heavy, heavy internet work.

Try to save a few hundred dollars and use an old, outdated piece of equipment, and a single virus from a far-off land, can make your new organization go near belly-up.  As an animal lover myself, I prefer to adopt older pets as they need the homes more, but the same rules need not apply for the screen and, subsequent hardware attached to your keyboard.  You’re going to be staring at her all day and night, make sure that your prom date is pretty.

Getting A Mentor Is Great, But In the End…

Finding a good mentor is difficult, but rewarding and many swear by finding one, but it is not all that easy.  Moreover, there is a huge misconception that a mentor can make or, otherwise break your business.  Simply not true; unless you become a slave to every word and action that the mentor says and you become dependent, one of two things will happen:

1. They won’t have the time to provide all this guidance.

2.  You will get, for lack of a better term, annoying and turn the individual off.

I, at a time, was lucky to have a strong mentor by the name of Harvey Cohen, but was unlucky enough to see him die of cancer.  The only difference in my mentor is that he was extended family from my sister-in-law’s side.  Still, I could not always run to him for advice, as he was busy and, I was not the first and foremost thing on his mind.

As a new entrepreneur, you are consistently going to be referred back to the “cold, cold world” reference.  Don’t heavily reply upon a mentor; instead use them when advice is direly needed.  Again, bear in mind to never be overly needy.  Go into the business with the mentality that it is you against the world and think of a great mentor as a gift from the heavens, not something that is owed to you.

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